Levoit Air Purifier Review | Comparison with Pros & Cons

In the realm of air and air-related concerns, we simply can not name just one factor that pollutes the air. Sometimes, there are two or three elements and sometimes even more than that.

But to deal with all conditions at once, the weapon we use is called an Air Purifier.

It improves the air quality by removing all the mucky droplets that should not have been there and we are left with fresh air eventually. The choice of the brand and the respective model depends on us and sheerly on us only.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Why use an air purifier?

Our inner energy reflects the kind of air we inhale and exhale so if you are taking in fresh, you surely be releasing out the positivity and vice versa.

This home instrument, an air purifier is designed to improve the air quality by capturing all the toxics, leaving behind the wholesome we all need.

If you are dealing with frequent health and skin issues, an air purifier is a must thing you should be looking forward to.

What kind of air purifier should I get?

An air purifier should not be brought just because you love the idea of having one in-home. But the main focus should be to uproot the cause of illness or allergy and now you better know what allergen your environment is facing.

The market has special air purifiers for particular purposes so invest wisely.


Though I can do a little favour by suggesting my personal trusted brand and its extending models to put for you as a help or idea. The brand that I am going to discuss has been used worldwide by innumerable customers.

Therefore, there is no room for uncertainty to ponder upon. Here you go.

Comparison of LEVOIT Air Purifiers

Product NameParticle Size
Coverage Area (sq.
Buy Now
LEVOIT LV-H1320.36.4886 Check Price
LEVOIT LV-PUR1310.315.8322 Check Price
LEVOIT LV-H1260.35.55161 Check Price
LEVOIT LV-H133 0.321.7538 Check Price
LEVOIT LV-H1340.327.7710 Check Price

LEVOIT LV- H132 Review

This model has been launched very recently and has succeeded to gain the trust of its users.  It gets the mark of being manufactured in California.

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Like other air cleaners, it employs HEPA filters and a coconut shell activated carbon filter to show the magic in the air.




The device is a small and slim circle type unit that is classic to use in small to medium size rooms. I already live in a very small apartment so it goes well for me.

The tool conducts the action with 3 stages of filtration. LEVOIT LV- H132 traps 99 percent of allergens to bless our breathing. It has been instructed to keep the unit away from small children to enhance the protection level.

This air Purifier holds one of the strictest CARB certifications. It weighs 6.50 pounds and a 2-year warranty. You can set any of the 3-speed fans and further an optional night light too.

It is one of the best UV-C free air purifiers that too under $100.

Pros and Cons of LEVOIT LV- H132

  • Super Quiet.
  • Filter replacement after 6-12 months.
  • Small and effective air purifier.
  • Night Light is irritating at night.
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LEVOIT LV- PUR131 Review

LV-PYR131 is another model of the same brand, Levoit. Unlike the previous one, levoit LV-PUR131 can be conveniently used in larger rooms and basements. Besides capturing rigid pollutants, it helps in eliminating strong odours as well which is credited by Air Quality monitor to let it effectuate.




The 3-stages filtration involves pre-filters, true HEPA filter and a coconut shell activated Carbon filter. The expected span of changing the filter is 6 months.

The touch control makes it easy to control the functioning of the device.

The estimated CADR rating is 135+ CFM. It has saved my life and house from the production of mold spores. It is capable enough to assassinate as small as 0.3 microns of bacteria and viruses. Plus, along with Energy Star rated achievement, it is also efficiently FCC and ETL approved.

Levoit LV-PUR 131 just adds to its potential in the eyes of the buyer.

The warranty to be provided is 2 years but if I am not wrong in judging, this filter just fails to deliver well after one and a half year.

Pros and Cons of LEVOIT LV- PUR131

  • It has amazing automatic control. Turns on the higher speed settings when needed.
  • Goood and Quiet Performance.
  • Motor becomes hot after usage of few months.
  • Not portable.
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LEVOIT LV- H126 Review

The LV- H126 model is quite unique and easy on the pocket unit. It comes in three different colors of Beige, Black and Blue.

I purchased in Blue since my previous one from the Winix was in White so wanted a little change.




My office air is very dusty and the addition to the situation is my smoker colleague. The harmful matter gathers up in the air and makes me cough very hard. To be honest, the hell of challenging hours in the office.

However, the LEVOIT LV- H126 air purifier works and works so well in removing smoke.

The science of filters demands a little attention as the pre-filters are required to be replaced within 2-3 months. The product already arrives with 2 extra pre-filters in the box so be relaxed for the first half year.

However, the lowest dB level is just 32 and it is okay for the office environment.

It weighs 2.2 kg. The unit has a warranty for 2 years.

Pros and Cons of LEVOIT LV- H126

  • Affordable Price.
  • Easy to use.
  • Small design.
  • Fan power is weak.
  • Do not have additional Features.
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LEVOIT LV- H133 Review

The Levoit LV- H133 is perfect for larger area as wide as up to 538 Square feet.

My house is big so is my family and it works excellent for all of us.

I and my family were facing severe allergic attacks due to dust mites. These dust mites reside in dust and dirt and are raised due to low cleanliness.




They get into your body when you breathe and in your skin when you move into the wronged environment.

We felt our eyes and throats dry every time.

We kept the fan speed to the highest every time. However, the lowest noise level is 25 dB. The device is stylish and high-rated in the completion of the assigned task.

The game of every air purifier is processed through different kinds of filters since ever. The air cannot be purified without HEPA and Carbon filters. LEVOIT LV- H133 air purifier fixed up us all from every health issue caused by the damaged indoor atmosphere. This air purifier is very efficient in removing dust mites.

You can adjust the timer to a few hours and a sleep mode for night action.

The warranty of this product is limited to 2 years.

Pros and Cons of LEVOIT LV- H133

  • Small Design.
  • Improved Features.
  • Price is high.
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LEVOIT LV- H134 Review

The levoit LV- H134 serves an extra than all the previous models with a wider 710 Square feet of coverage. Although it is expensive it does fair to the amount of money you pay for it.

This product is light to your electricity bills since it is already heavy on the purchasing. It saves your energy consumption and that is another factor to consider it.




The Touch Control LED panel delivers a sense of innovation though a majority of air cleaners are touch-based these days.

It’s design and structure blends with your room or living room setting. The advanced Laser dust sensor detects and sets it to cleaning right away.

All the Levoit air purifiers are ozone and UV-C free.

The sleep mode when activated does not lower the quality of performance. It is extra loud on high but completely silent on low mode. This levoit air purifier is great for asthma sufferers as per my experience.

It holds 2 years warranty only. Thumbs up for this unit.

Pros and Cons of LEVOIT LV- H134

  • Elegant Design.
  • Good Performance.
  • Less power consumption.
  • Little Noisy.
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I am sure, you might have found the unit up till now that suits your needs. Well, this is what I wanted and I am glad about that. Cheers.

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