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What are Dust Mites? Dust Mites are tiny microscopic Insects that live in house dust or mattresses, bedding furniture and curtains. They have eight legs and are similar to ticks and spiders. They feed on Dead skin that shed from human or animals. Dust mites can be a potential source of allergy for most of people. The situation gets worse if you have asthma.

Are dust mites visible?

House dust mites are very small in size so barely visible to human eyes. The size of house dust mites is between 203.2 micrometres to 304.8 micrometres in length.

Where do dust mites come from?

Because of their small size, it’s not easy to tell where do they come from, however, Dust mites have been living with us for a long time. These mites love to live in warm and humid places as in such an environment these mites can easily extract water and their food source. Mattresses, pillows, sofas and carpets are their favorite places. One study revealed that about 16 types of dust mite’s food source can be found on a pillow.

An old mattress can have up to 10 million of dust mites a square yard of carpet can have 100.000 of these insects.

They usually are living in dust present in these mattresses and carpeting’s.

These mites replicate at a very fast rate. A female dust mite can live for as long as 3 months and lay about 100 eggs during her short life span.

How long do dust mites live?

As long as you have a pet at your place, you should be sure about the existence of dust mites pretty around. As such, the female dust mites tend to live longer or twice more than the male dust mites, just the biological fundamentals.

However, counting upon average life span, the maximum ratio is reckoned to be almost 3 months for female mites and 1 month for male mites. This is the case if you do nothing to get rid of these, the contrary can be the situation if you do.

Do Dust Mites Bite?

The good news is that house dust mites do not bite, nor do they carry any disease. They do not feed on your blood.

You are never notified as they don’t disturb you by biting.

Their primary sources of food are:

  • Dead skin shed from human or pets,
  • Cotton fibers
  • Wood
  • Paper
  • Synthetic Materials
  • Mold
  • Feathers
  • Pollen Grains
  • Fungus Spores

If Dust Mites Don’t Bite, then why are we allergic to them?

This is a real problem, let me add one more thing into their food source list and that is dust mite’s feces, yes, their waste material. Their poop contains some powerful enzymes that help them gain energy. Why am I telling you this?

Well these enzymes are not good for humans as when they come in contact with your skin or nose, they start their allergic reaction. This allergy can then create a lot of breathing related problems like coughing, hey fever, sneezing.

For asthma patients, it’s become very difficult to stay calm in their presence.

Another question that must be in your mind would be, if dust mites don’t bite then why do we get rashes or itching on the skin due to interaction with mites. The type of mites that bite us are not dust mites but they are bed bugs instead. Beds bugs belong to the family of parasites which feeds on animal blood. They are the size of an apple seed and visible to the human eye. The dust mites may be more dangerous in some cases as they cause an allergic reaction due to chemicals present in their feses, whereas a bed bugs’ venom may not react as fast. The discomfort caused by bed bugs can be diagnosed easily.


How to Treat dust mite bites?

As discussed earlier, the dust mites don’t bite but they cause an allergic effect which needs proper treatment. You must consult your doctor if you face any symptom of allergy and difficulty in breathing. Asthma patients needs to be more careful about their health.

In order to deal with these tiny insects proper cleaning habits, need to be adopted. An air purifier with HEPA filter can efficiently help to remove this menace, changing you bed sheet and cleaning your clothes, curtain, pillow on a regular basis can also help you get rid of these mites.

Did you know the overall weight of your mattress doubles after a period of ten years? And yes, that’s too because of dust mites. Few more Surprising facts about dust mites are compiled in this infographic. 


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