Best Honeywell Air Purifier Reviews 2020

The label ” Honeywell ” is not a median brand to comprehend for the one who has ever dealt with inconstant air states.

The direct certification of the marketing of this trademark can be evaluated with its wide range of instruments to go for.

Being so, the company have mastered on how to hit the nail on the spot after working in the field and generating so many air purifiers. I bet, you will forget if there happened to be any trace of bad air.

Comparison of Honeywell Air Purifiers

Room Size
(sq. Ft.)
Check Price
0.34653 monthHEPA &
Check Price
31704 monthPermanent &
Check Price
0.32001-3 yearHEPA &
Check Price
Air Cleaner
0.32504 times a yearWashable &
Check Price

Honeywell HPA300 Review

If you are planning to own this model, I must tell you beforehand, black is the only colour you can get. This unit is a true example of worthy enjoyment in an affordable investment.

It is cheap but highly efficient.




If the concentration of your part of the air has gone really bad and you are kind of stuck, just consider it was designed solely for you.

It deals with all kinds of allergies and asthma caused by dust, smoke, odour, and chemicals.

This 21 pounds unit serves your air with 2 level filtration. The action comprises of a Pre-filter and a HEPA filter. The estimated CADR for dust is 320, pollen 300 and smoke 300.

I want to be honest about the inconvenience and it is a bit noisy but not too much that you would want to leave the place because of it. The carbon filter used in it has a thin consistency which captures only accessible smoke and odour and not the root.

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In case, if you have high expectations with this device, you may look for another model.

Pros and Cons of HPA300

  • Easy Usability.
  • Turbo mode for maximum cleaning.
  • Relief asthma, remove smoke, dust, mold and other pollutants effectively.
  • It is noisy at higher settings.


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Honeywell QuietClean Tower Review

No doubt of this model’s popularity among the customers as it provides reliability on the peace of mind for good 5 years.

The name suggests its prominent feature. It is a small tower like a unit that stands still majestically, keeping a good check on the ups and downs of the indoor atmosphere. The weight is 17 pounds.




The device releases a slight white noise which I think is the token of all Honeywell products. It is an all-time favourite tool for allergy sufferers to operate in homes, offices, and dens. It makes use of an ionizer in releasing negative ions in the air to slow down the airborne movement.

Another noteworthy factor of this brand is being Energy Star Certified which means it is more energy efficient.

The unit can be replaced or refunded religiously within the period of 90 days in case you find it a mess or unsatisfying around you. It ensures to save both your money and time with quick management.

The brand is advancing rapidly with technology and incorporates new ingredients periodically.

As a matter of fact, why to risk your health even for the millionth part of the second when the world has prepared for you the material of provision.

Pros and Cons of Honeywell QuietClean

  • Removes dust, mold, odors, pollens.
  • Quiet Operation.
  • 3 step filtration process.
  • Although it has a pre washable filter, but it has 2 filter option, the other one needs to be replaced after every 3 months.
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Honeywell QuietCare 1700-S Review

The gadget is very compact and portable for daily use, unlike the other models that encompass more space and attention.

It operates super forward and purifies the air six times in a single hour. No other purifier can beat this speed and smoothness.




It works amazingly in removing dust particles, bacteria, pet dander, mould spores, pollen, and various other allergens around the room up to 99 percent. A great part of the credit goes to the HEPA filter.

If you probe more into the customer feedback of this unit on the internet, you may want to give it a try.  People are loving it for its systematic working and productive results in small to medium-sized rooms.

The maximum coverage on account of its action is 200 square feet. Another reason for you to buy it is being extensively recommended by the doctors.

They have tested and tried it on your part to save you from the hassle.

It weighs 13 pounds and lasts for 5 years on the warranty.

Pros and Cons of QuietCare 1700-S

  • Removes smoke, pollen, dust, mold and viruses.
  • Easy to maintain.
  • low power usage.
  • Louder on high speed.
  • The filter is expensive.
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Honeywell AirGenius Air Cleaner Review

Likewise QuietClean Tower, it is tall in structure and imparts a sleek and stylish impression on the users. It specifically targets the bad odours in the air which messes with our respiratory and nasal tract.

Moreover, it does not spare any trivial hint of tobacco smoke in the air and cleans the air pretty suitable to lungs.




If the product disappoints you with the performance or is defective in the delivery, send it back to the supplier right away to receive a new package.

The company does not trade-off with customer care and manages to keep on with their hard-earned reputation anyhow. You can adjust the functioning of the purifier out of 4-speed levels.

It is considered that running the unit on one and the same level every time makes it more prone to damage. The surface coverage that it is capable to take into control is of maximum 250 Square feet. The weight is 17 pounds approximately.

It is actually cost effective.

Pros and Cons of Honeywell AirGenius Air Cleaner

  • Quiet operation.
  • Has automatic On/Off timer.
  • Removes odor and allergens efficiently.
  • Has bad plastic smell.
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How to clean Honeywell air purifier filters?

The Honeywell air purifier has a pre-filter in it that accumulates more dust and debris than the other filters. If your purifier is running all the time, wash the pre-filter every two weeks or if you use it on average mode, wash it once a month.

Let it dry completely before you put it back. However, for the other permanent filters put beside, it is best to vacuum them every now and then.


The widely trusted logo of Honeywell holds the expertise of over a century and thirty up in the marketing business of air cleaners. Many brands during this span raised to its rank and declined but it did not shake off its name and identity.

It is necessary to be mentioned, one can never regret on the purchasing of Honeywell products.

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