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Best Honeywell Air Purifier Reviews 2020

The label ” Honeywell ” is not a median brand to comprehend for the one who has ever dealt with inconstant air states. The direct certification of the marketing of this trademark can be evaluated with its wide range of instruments to go for. Being so, the company have mastered on how to hit the […]

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10 Symptoms of Allergy to Dust Mites [Infographics]

Dust mite’s allergy is a reaction caused due to the presence of microscopic bugs in house dust. Dust mites are so small that we cannot see it through our eyes. These insects are different from bed bugs as they generally do not bite. Some kind of mites do bite but these types of house dust […]

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How to Get Rid of Dust Mites Naturally

Dust mites are tiny bugs living in your home without even letting you know about it. These microscopic animals feed on dead skin, hair and dust. A little amount of these insects isn’t harmful, but what if they are in millions? Yes, millions of dust mites may be residing on your sofa, in your bed […]

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